Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biologists solve problems, create new products, and appreciate the mysteries of life, through biology!

The Department of Biology offers a B.S. in Biology applicable to a variety of career and post-graduate educational opportunities. Students not only learn about biology; they experience it. Through engaged learning in the classroom, laboratory experiments with state-of-the-art equipment, field trips to local venues of interest, internships at local and national companies, and original research on the Florida Southern College campus and beyond, biology students are provided with ample opportunities to practice what they learn, and learn what they practice. A Bachelor of Science in Biology allows you to explore many fields, including cell biology, anatomy and physiology, ecology, evolution, genetics, botany, marine biology, and so much more.

Faculty work one-on-one with students, in areas of academics, research, advising, and planning for the future, to ensure students have the tools necessary to succeed. You'll work with your advisor, to plan a custom program that will help you reach your career goals. At Florida Southern, you'll work alongside faculty in the lab and in the field who have expertise in multiple disciplines and are as passionate about discovery as you are! Many biology graduates go on to professional or graduate school, and most are very successful in the pursuit of their advanced degree.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC Biology

Original Biology Research

During your collaborative biology research with our biology faculty, you have the opportunity to publish, and present your own original biology research at regional and national conferences.

Internship Opportunities

Many of our biology majors are interested in health professions such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, and physical therapy. Students have completed an internship that hones their knowledge and experience in these fields by working at local clinics or organizations.

Graduate Acceptance

Our biology graduates are accepted into the nation’s top medical, dental, and veterinary schools such as, Duke, University of Miami, University of Pennsylvania, and Auburn.

Learning Community

All of our first-year students begin by developing a camaraderie with other biology majors through their learning communities. Learning communities are designed to help students persist in their studies and are focused on problem-based, integrative, and collaborative learning.

State-of-the-Art Biology Instrumentation

Our biology research labs grant you a hands-on experience using the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation.