Tim Moore, M.S.

About me

Hello there Science Scholars! “Thunderin” Tim Moore here AKA your friendly ZESTFUL zoologist representing just one piece of the electric FSC Biology Bullpen! The spark of my biology interest has ALWAYS been about the animals (and later any organism!) and learning all about them. Amazing adaptations, bewildering behaviors, and intriguing interactions with other organisms and their environments (we in the biz call that ecology), all of these awaiting study. At nearly every extreme environment on the planet is something wonderful to observe, and I find that incredibly compelling. Luckily for me, I was able to take several courses as an undergraduate at Auburn University which stoked my inquisitive fire, culminating in a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology.

I decided that four years just wasn’t enough so I decided to pursue a Master’s of Science in Biology at Georgia Southern University (not sure where it is? Look for it in southern Georgia!). My good fortunes continued as I was able conduct research with a species of prosimians, none other than rambunctious ring-tailed lemurs! My project encapsulated two of my major interests (behavior and ecology) and was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The specific topic of my research was observing female dominance in relation to foraging behavior, comparing consumption habits of given food (like how you feed your own pet dogs or cats!) versus naturally foraged food. I’m sure you’re all wondering; just how did I accomplish this tall task? By hours and hours and hours of observation! That’s right, just me and the lemurs nearly all day every day. While I’m sure they were sick of me by the end of my time collecting data, those lavish lemurs never showed it! Accommodating to the very end. One even offered to share their food and water with me! (editor’s note: this last part didn’t actually happen. The lemurs never showed any interest in providing Tim with any food or water, despite the sweltering heat. How nice were they really?!).

After graduate school, there was the question of “well what now?” that I had to answer. Fortunately, during my time as a graduate student I had the opportunity to teach biology labs to hopeful young scholars like yourselves! Until this point, teaching was never something I seriously considered pursuing professionally but to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it! That my friends is the story of how I started out as the quiet kid reading alluring animal facts who enthusiastically learned all the mandated scientific names for my courses (which are in Latin by the way, not easy!) to helping enlighten the world, one student at a time, about the fantastically fabulous biological world around (or IN) them.

My absolute favorite part about biology is that no matter how old I live to be, there is always something sensational to learn about an organism (potentially about one I’ve never even heard of before!), a process, or the human body. That kind of excitement is second to none and is the spirit I always hope to bring to all my courses. So keep up those inquisitive spirits and learn something NEW why don’t ya!

Outside of biology, I have many other interests:  I love to paint, dabble in baking (here’s a video of me making a cheesecake), explore and observe nature (preferably while gallivanting with my dog!), play video games, partake in trivia, watch captivating cinematic adventures, binge my favorite shows, read enchanting tales of suspense and adventure (including comics!), watching (and very casually) playing sports, and curating my own collection of oddities and antiquities. To learn even MORE about me, check out my answers to ten fan-submitted questions (Hey scholars, check these out below the courses taught list!) and view my photos.

Courses Taught

Check out these compelling courses yours truly has taught! (If you see a *, that means it is a course I regularly teach!)

  • Bio 1000 – Biology for non-majors
  • *Bio 1501 – A course about the community for learning with biology students
  • *Bio 1600 – Biological Diversity – Looking for titillating tales from amazing animals and playful plants? Well then friends this is the course for you! Somehow every day will feature one of Tim’s favorites (how many favorites does this guy have?!)
  • *Bio 2215 and 2216 – Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2. These are more than just daily spiels about boisterous bones and majestic muscles! Each week unravels another stunning saga about the magical mystery of the human body!
  • Bio 2200 – Environmental Issues
  • Bio 2500 Lab – A lab for exploring evolution and ecology in biology
  • *Bio 4240 – Biotechnology Seminar – Doesn’t THIS class sound exotic?! Are we discussing the latest breakthroughs such as cloning, CRISPR, and lab grown meat or designing our own custom animals? Take the class and find out for yourself!

Office Information

Location: Polk Science 136

Email: tmoore@flsouthern.edu