Alyssa Smith

I have had a passion for the biological sciences, and in particular microbiology since my high school years. That passion ultimately took me to the University of South Florida to complete my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology. During my final year in my undergraduate program, I began volunteer work in what would become my research laboratory for my Master’s degree. My research for my Master’s thesis did diverge from my microbiology background into food biochemistry where I studied the biochemical and physical differences in Florida strawberry varieties during postharvest storage.


After graduate school, I accepted a position as a food microbiologist at the University of Florida and later a position as a cannabis compliance analyst for ACS Laboratories. During my time as a researcher, I discovered that I truly missed being an educator (as I had taught several courses during my time in graduate school) and decided to pursue a career in academia. After leaving my research positions, I began adjunct work at both alma mater USF and Hillsborough Community College teaching courses in introductory biology, microbiology, and human anatomy and physiology.


I have a strong love for science and being able to guide and assist my students with achieving their future dreams. I am incredibly excited to join the biology department at Florida Southern College and look forward to being able to share my passion for the biological sciences with all of my future students.

Office Information:


Room: Berry 306

Ext. 4462