Citrus and Horticulture Science

The Citrus and Horticultural Science major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. The major provides a strong science-based curriculum with opportunities to specialize in four separate concentrations. Students satisfy core requirements and fulfill the coursework required for one or more areas of concentration: Citrus, Pre-Graduate Studies, Biotechnology, or Business. Professional internships, research opportunities, and other forms of experiential learning prepare students for exciting, challenging careers or for continuing their education through graduate studies. A minor in horticultural science is also available.Through small classes and hands-on experiences, your B.S. in Citrus and Horticultural Science will provide you with a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and crop production.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC Citrus and Horticulture

Strong Horticultural Science Industry Opportunities

U.S. agricultural exports were valued at $140 billion in 2018 (USDA). The Citrus and Horticultural industries in Florida generate billions of dollars a year alone.

Unique Citrus Program and Experts

We have the nation’s only bachelor's degree program specifically in citrus and is known throughout Florida's citrus industry for the quality of our program. Our professors are industry experts who enable you to develop a deep interdisciplinary background by learning both horticultural science as well as business.

Prime Location

Located in central Florida, our close proximity to the Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Alfred allows us to bring in expert guest speakers from the industry.

Conduct Original Research

Our support of engaged learning encourage you to explore everything from the genetics of heritage rose varieties, to testing new citrus rootstock varieties, to developing commercially viable methods for growing greenhouse crops.


Hands-On Learning

Florida Southern students learn real-world skills both in the classroom and outside as well: Greenhouses, chemistry and genetics labs, and comprehensive gardens. Students utilize 8,500 square feet of greenhouse facilities to study and grow over 500 varieties of plants year round. The Florida Southern campus has a collection of citrus trees for use in hands-on engaged learning in classes.

Award-Winning Gardens

Florida Southern boasts over 350 plants from 250 varieties. The campus is considered one of the largest, most diverse collections of roses in the southeast.

Citrus and Horticulture Concentrations

Citrus and Horticulture: Biotechnology

The Science and Technology of Agriculture

Horticultural Science with a concentration in Biotechnology focuses on crop improvement through the application of technology, including plant tissue culture, DNA analysis, genetics, and microbiological techniques.

Citrus and Horticulture: Business

Horticultural Science and Business Administration in One Program

Horticultural Science with a concentration in Business provides the perfect combination of hands-on experiences (both on campus and off) and broad-based horticultural education, as well as the industry connections, you need to excel.

Citrus and Horticulture: Citrus

The nation's only bachelor's degree program in Citrus and Horticultural Science.

Through small classes and hands-on experiences, your B.S. in Citrus and Horticultural Science will provide you with a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and crop production.

Horticultural Science with a concentration in Citrus — the only one of its kind in the country — is taught by industry leaders who deeply understand the science and business of citrus.

Citrus and Horticulture: Pre-Graduate Studies

Aim higher, we'll prepare you to succeed anywhere.

Horticultural Science with a concentration in Pre-Graduate Studies focuses on the academic foundations necessary to take it to the next level, including organic chemistry, statistics, and genetics.