Pre-Health Planning

Health Professions Information

Selecting a career can be a difficult, life-changing decision. It is important to have a firm grasp on the educational requirements, job outlook, work environment, recommended personal characteristics, and daily activities to inform your career decision making process.

Explore more information about your pre-health journey at FSC, preparing to apply/interview, entrance exams for your chosen path, and health professions experiences. View additional opportunities to reach your goals such as our Pre-Professional Program (P3), Lake Erie College of Medicine Early Acceptance Program (EAP), MCAT/DAT/GRE prep and resources, and our Intro to Health Professions Course (PHP1100).

Pre-Health Planning

The road to professional school is challenging and requires intentional planning. Most health profession programs require a minimum of two years of prerequisite courses and extracurricular activities, as well as a competitive GPA, entrance exam score and evidence of emotional intelligence, maturity, empathy, and leadership.

Students should meet with a pre-health advisor every semester, after attending a pre-health 101 workshop, to ensure they are building a holistically competitive application.

The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) with Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM)

The Early Acceptance Program (EAP) with Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM) allows high school or current FSC students to apply to LECOM medical, dental or pharmacy school. (Students who meet the requirements in high school are conditionally accepted into both FSC and LECOM’s programs simultaneously.) Those who meet all the academic requirements while earning their undergraduate degrees will be guaranteed acceptance into Lake Erie’s graduate medical program at its campuses in Pennsylvania and Florida. Application to the EAP is separate from the application to the undergraduate school. A student may apply for EAP consideration as a high school senior. While current undergraduate students may apply, they should contact the pre-health advisor at their school to see if they qualify.

Questions about the LECOM program? 

Contact Dr. Nancy Morvillo, Chair of the Biology Department, at or Dr. Lauren Albaum, Director of Career Development, at

Pre-Professional Program (P3)

The Pre-Professional Program (P3) is a rigorous, competitive program for students pursuing admission to health professions schools after obtaining their undergraduate degrees. P3 assists students with academic and career goals to prepare them to be qualified candidates for these professional programs. In this respect, “Pre-Professional” refers to most medically related fields, including medical, dental, veterinary, physician assistant, optometry, podiatry, and physical therapy, but does not apply to nursing or to pre-law studies and other paths that lie outside of the natural sciences and health professions.

In this program, students will participate in specific activities that encourage ongoing exploration of the health care field and prepare them for success in this highly competitive arena. Activities include workshops, classes, one-on-one advising, and professional observation and volunteer experiences. Students completing the program are well prepared to submit a holistically competitive application to outstanding professional programs.

Students should review the Program Guidelines for comprehensive information on the program requirements, eligibility, and applications.

Pre-Health Tracks

Pre-health students may pursue any academic major while building a competitive application for professional school. The tracks listed below are intended to be completed alongside an academic major. Pre-health students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor and a pre-health advisor each semester.