Integrative Biology

The sub-disciplines in Biology are interconnected and overlap with one another in a myriad of ways. Integrative Biology (IB) is a broad program of study that allows students to explore these interactions. Students have the opportunity to experience and learn from a wide variety of biological sub-disciplines, including evolution, ecology, animal behavior, comparative anatomy and physiology, genomics, plant sciences, and other related fields. In addition, students will gain important backgrounds in mathematics, specifically statistics, and data analysis, which are necessary tools for careers in IB fields. Because of the many potential interests that students may have, this major is highly flexible with respect to each student’s particular academic and career goals. Students who major in IB will be well versed in the language of Biology and will be well prepared to pursue graduate degrees in integrative biology programs, to obtain research positions in government or private industry, and to enter many other biology-specific or adjacent careers.

Program Requirements:

All integrative biology majors must earn a grade of C or better in all BIO courses and courses cross-listed with BIO.

Special Requirements:

Due to similarities in the programs, students majoring in integrative biology are not allowed to double major in biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, biotechnology, environmental studies, or marine biology, nor are they allowed to minor in biology, environmental studies, or marine biology.