Marine Biology

Marine biology is the study of the world’s marine environments.

Marine ecosystems cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface which provides fascinating diversity of animals and plants for you to investigate.

Marine biologists study all types of sea life ranging from large ocean animals to microscopic organisms. Your B.S. in Marine Biology will provide you with a strong foundation in biology as you explore the vast diversity of marine species. You will apply your understanding of marine communities to global challenges, such as climate change and sustainable use of natural resources.

Top Reasons to Choose FSC Marine Biology

Original Research

Beyond course work, marine biology students work with marine biology faculty on independent studies, research projects, off-campus expeditions, scientific conferences, and other activities.

Outdoor Learning

With our close proximity to Lake Hollingsworth, all your marine biology courses will have a strong outdoor component—you’ll be in the field observing and collecting data.

Central Florida Location

Florida Southern is located within driving distance of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and we bring our marine biology students to these very diverse environments.

Marine Science Symposium

Each year we sponsor a Marine Science Symposium, bringing students and faculty from Florida universities together to share their research. Past keynote speakers have included Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jeff Corwin.

Prepare For Grad School

Side by side with your professors, you'll tag sharks, identify invasive species and study the life cycle of parasites. Gain invaluable experiences that will make you a top candidate for graduate programs. These experiences have allowed our graduates to transition seamlessly into top programs at Duke, U.C. Santa Barbara, and Hawaii Pacific University.