Neuroscience (Minor Only)

The Minor in Neuroscience provides an interdisciplinary perspective on how natural and social sciences investigate relationships between the brain and behavior. Students will be able to integrate biological and psychological influences on human and non-human behavior and apply broadly. Faculty members from the Biology, Psychology, and Exercise Science departments support and teach courses in the minor. The faculty also offer opportunities for relevant research projects, teaching assistantships, and professional development. Based on these efforts, the Neuroscience minor will provide students with the skills needed for employment or to advance in further education.

Special Requirements:
Students must obtain permission from both of the minor co-coordinators prior to declaring the minor. Students are required to complete twenty-four hours with at least 4 hours of BIO coursework and 4 hours of PSY coursework unique to the minor. A grade of C or better must be earned in all courses to complete the requirements for this minor. Special topics courses offered within the departments may be taken towards completion of the minor with prior approval from the minor co-coordinators.